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CCTV Surveillance



MV INFOTECH SYSTEMS PVT LTD is a leading company in providing the world class video surveillance systems. The company offer a complete end-to-end video surveillance solution from traditional analog camera based solutions to high-end IP camera based solutions. The company also uses closed circuit television cameras for the surveillance in many modern cities and buildings. MV INFOTECH SYSTEMS PVT LTD offers proven IP storage solutions that integrate with the customers’ existing infrastructure, including analog and digital cameras, DVRs, NVRs, and video management or other security softwares. The company provides cameras with long retention rates and high resolution at reasonable cost tags.

Access Control



Controlling access to your facility will benefit your business in several ways. It will restrict walk-in traffic, decreasing security threats. If you have sensitive or high security areas, you can control employee access to certain sections of the facility. Also, access control will eliminate the need to re-key the entire facility whenever you have employee turnover. Finally, one of the most compelling reasons is the ability to document and report access activity, helping you to quickly understand who had access to sensitive areas of your business before and after an incident.

Projecter And Screen



A Projector is a device designed to take an image from a video source and project it as faithfully as possible onto a screen or other surface. Projectors are used in a variety of different ways; they are enjoyed by home theater enthusiasts due to their ability to project movies and television programs onto a screen much larger than even the biggest TV available, and used in the corporate setting to project information onto screens large enough for rooms filled with people to see.

Video/Audio Conferencing



MV INFOTECH SYSTEMS PVT LTD’S managed video conferencing services can help control and maintain the performance of both audio and video calls. A single audio participant will not have the ability to disturb the meeting with noisy line or cell phone static, since individual participants can be found and muted if necessary (a feature that is frequently unavailable when using a separate audio conferencing service). Video conferencing equipment have given incredible results with respect to time, effort, cost and manpower. video conferencing enhances meetings, seminars, conferences, marketing campaigns and interviewing sessions



If you have a photocopier in your office that you and your colleagues have been using for years to make paper copies of important documents, here’s an important fact that may surprise some of you. Most photo copy machines, and even the newer all-in-one print-copy-scan-fax machines, have a built-in hard drive that stores a digital image of nearly every document that’s copied or scanned through these machines.


The machines store this information to improve performance. If you want ten carbon-copies, the machine would scan the document only once, store the scan in the memory and then print copies from the memory directly. If a fraudster manages to pull out the disk from the photocopier, it can be real "goldmine" as he’ll probably find everything there from employee credit card numbers to resumes to faxes and much more.


Home cinema, also called home theaters or theater rooms, are home entertainment audio-visual systems that seek to reproduce a movie theater experience and mood using consumer electronics-grade video and audio equipment that is set up in a room or backyard of a private home. 


Digital Agent for your Business

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