Online & Line Interactive Ups

We are engaged in trading of power solutions of On line and Line Integrated UPS for a wide range of solutions from power backup solution to a live Data Centre to Manufacturing Applications, in partnership with Emerson, Pegasus, APC and Luminous. Data centers, LAN nodes, telecommunication system, medical equipments, banks, programmable logic control systems, check out system in supermarket, lighting systems, production units, safety systems etc. must always be protected against problems in power supply. Sudden blackouts and variations in the main power supply may lead to malfunction and severe data losses. which may lead to customer dissa Hs faction.


The simplest and most cost effective way of coping with these disturbances is to install an Uninterruptible Power Supply. Acting as an interface between the mains and the loads, the UPS guarantees the continuity and the quality of electrical power supplied to the loads without your load being affected by condition of voltage & frequency at the input. This technology is called VFI (Voltage Frequency Independent).

The On-line UPS provides the highest level of power protection for the serious home office user. Su- Kam on-line UPS provides an electrical firewall between the incoming utility power and sensitive electronic equipment thus protecting the equipment from power quality problems. This is accomplished inside the UPS in several tiers of circuits.

Based on world's most advanced Digital Signal processing technology, Su-Kam ON Line UPS system ensures
• Full safety of highly sophisticated equipment
• Ensures full charging and protection of the batteries and enhanced battery life.
• It eliminates disturbing and irritating noise.
• 100% protection to the load from full range of power disturbances.
• Start up without Mains (Cold start)
• Constant output frequency

Line Interactive UPS

The MV Infotech systems pvt ltd gathers all the quality performances needed to give a better protection to computer equipments. Mv Infotech series are Line Interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) available in power rates of 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1400 and 2000 VA. The permanent stabilization of the input voltage makes a lower use of the batteries having the maximum autonomy should the need arise. They also incorporate, for a better integration in the protected environment, communication via USB with a complete monitoring software and control able to shutdown the computer systems in the event of long blackouts. Likewise, they incorporate, as standard, a powerful LCD with the information: input and output voltages voltage, load and battery levels and operating status. And for a complete protection they include a data/modem/ADSL line transient filter. All these features make them into the UPS solution with better relationship quality/price in the market.

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