IT Policy Management & Consultancy
IT Policy Management & Consultancy
It is the intent of this policy to establish guidelines for the employees using the Company’s computing facilities, including computer hardware, printers, fax machines, voice-mail, software, e-mail, and Internet and intranet access, collectively called “Information Technology.
All employees share the Information Technology facilities at [Company Name]. These facilities are provided to employees for the purpose of conducting Company business.

The Company does permit a limited amount of personal use of these facilities, including computers, printers, e-mail and Internet access. However, these facilities must be used responsibly by everyone, since misuse by even a few individuals has the potential to negatively impact productivity, disrupt company business and interfere with the work or rights of others. Therefore, all employees are expected to exercise responsible and ethical behavior when using the Company’s Information Technology facilities. Any action that may expose the Company to risks of unauthorized access to data, disclosure of information, legal liability, or potential system failure is prohibited and may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment and/or criminal prosecution.

The fastest Growing industry with the latest advancements every day requires very specialized handling so that a firm can enjoy maximum benefit. I.T. is here to stay, grow and benefit the mankind in much more wider ways. All walks of life will undergo a sea change with the impact of IT. MV INFOTECH SYSTEMS PVT LTD I.T. offers I.T. Consultancy through a senior I.T. Consultant Mr. Vijay Sharma having valuable life experience of above 10 years.

Why do you need IT Consultancy?
  • To make best use of latest development in the field of technology.
  • To have competitive edge in the market.
  • To improvise and make business effective and Profitable.
  • To economize & automate operations.
  • To serve your customers even better.
  • To tap unknown markets & Opportunities.
  • To become global.

The following topics are covered within this policy and referred policies:

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